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Transierra Norte The Ride

Oaxaca is now internationally recognized for its amazing world-class singletrack riding in the northern region of the state, but besides that, Oaxaca has plenty of other riding areas, cultural activities, and culinary experiences to be discovered.

Transierra Norte THE RIDE is a mountain bike travel offering for those in search of a high-quality, unique riding holiday, accompanied by the traditional magic that surrounds Oaxaca year-around. You can join one of our group rides and meet more riders like you or build your own custom private trip with your friends. Either way, the Transierra Norte team will ensure you have the best time on and off the bike: from riding 400 years old Zapotec culture trails up at 3000 m/ 9000 ft over sea-level along Oaxaca's mountain range guided by professional, bilingual, local and world-traveler riders, to sitting down at a rooftop bar in the heart of Oaxaca City, enjoying a Mezcal Margarita paired with some of the best food your palate has ever tasted. Visit cultural attractions such as ancient ruins, museums, enjoy mezcal tasting, cooking classes, handcrafts workshops, and more. We can also extend your visit and take you along the state to visit the paradise beach towns that the Pacific southwest of Mexico offers. And why not try riding waves with a local professional surf guide while there? 


All of our trips are planned in order to guide and ride with intermediate to expert riders through more than 30 km/ 20 miles of singletrack, with an average of 2500 m/ 7500 ft of elevation loss every day, making sure each and every rider gets the best riding experience. We love riding so much that if the group still has gas in the tank and time allows us, we are always up for a bonus lap! Learn more about riding expectations here!


Lodging: We have different lodging options for you to choose from, depending on what works best for you and your budget. From staying in the TSN bike lodge fully equipped for mountain bikers or book a beautiful and comfortable hotel. Learn more about lodging options! 

The food: What would an amazing ride be without great meals and drinks afterward? With our rides, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most traditional dishes in some of the best restaurants in and out of Oaxaca city. No matter your food restrictions we have you covered with different options to accommodate every need. And the mezcal cocktail bars will introduce you to the Mexican culture of mixology: mezcal drinks prepared with natural and regional ingredients from Oaxaca.

Transportation: Our well-maintained, bike-specific shuttle vehicles will pick you up at the airport upon your arrival, then take you to your hotel to unload your luggage and refresh. Then to Transierra Norte's HQ to build your bike with a cold beer and delicious snacks.


These vehicles will be your shuttle transportation during your time in Oaxaca. They are always loaded with bike tools, spare parts, snacks, hydration, first aid kits and all that could be needed during your time on the trails. The same vehicles will drop you off - on time - at the airport for your departure.


THE RIDE: You will be guided by the Transierra Norte head team assisted by talented, English-speaking local riders. you will have 1 guide for every 4 people in your group to ensure the quality and safety of your rides. The Transierra Norte mountain bike head guides are expert level riders with Mexican Federal Tourism Adventure, PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) and WFR (Wilderness First Responder) certifications.


They will make sure to keep the stoke high and that you are having the best time riding the amazing singletracks Transierra Norte team has been discovering and building for the past race editions and the upcoming ones. Meet the team here!

Welcome to the Transierra Norte Bike HQ, a place where you will feel like home building your bike, drinking one of our craft beers. It is a relaxing area, just 1 block away from Oaxaca's downtown, and fully equipped with a bike bag and mountain bike storage, bike wash, bike tools, and a very chill area to relax after your ride or while you wait for your bike shuttle to pick you up.


What Is Included? 

⧐ All land Transportation and MTB shuttles

⧐ 7 nights of lodging 

⧐ Welcome Dinner

⧐ Farewell Dinner

⧐ All Breakfasts and Coffee

⧐ Riding Snacks and post-ride brews

⧐ 1 MTB guide for every 4 riders

⧐ Full-time cultural guide 

⧐ Dining reservations in the best spots in Oaxaca

⧐ Mezcal and tasting

⧐ Full access to the Transierra Norte HQ

⧐ First Aid and medical assistance

⧐ Travel planning assistance

⧐ Trail fees and trail building donations

Book your Mountain Bike Ride here or contact us to organize a custom private trip for you and your friends: we make everything happen! And please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or ideas for your Mountain Bike Ride in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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