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MTB into the New Year

December is one of the best months to ride in Oaxaca, the transition from the wet into the dry season makes the dirt conditions unique. Let's shuttle up to amazing singletrack while we prepare to wrap on the year in Oaxaca city. This trip is a perfect winter getaway to ride bikes and also be part of the cultural festivities in Oaxaca around New Years

Day 1: Welcome to Mexico, your guides will pick you up at the airport and take you to the Transierra Norte HQ. They will help with bike assembling while you have one of our craft beers and a delicious dinner. You will receive a short briefing in regards to the Mountain Bike adventure you have ahead to then be set in your lodging. 

Day 2: After a delicious breakfast accompanied by a locally grown and roasted coffee we will load up the bikes on our shuttle and head up to ride the area where Enduro riding was born in Mexico. All shuttle runs with only one short pedal transfer to our last descent. Here you will meet the different variety of terrain we have in Oaxaca and get a good taste of what we have in store for the rest of the week. 

Distance: 24 KM  Elevation gain: 240 m  Elevation loss: 2410 m

Day 3: The longest day of the week. Early in the morning, we will shuttle to the largest trail choice area in Oaxaca. We will push up our bike for 15 minutes to a beautiful viewpoint where our first descent will start. After lunch, in the middle of the mountains, we will pedal on a mostly flat double-track road surrounded by a pine and oak forest to then drop into the largest descent in Oaxaca. You will pass through 3 different types of vegetation riding over a 500 years old trail full of fun natural lines. 

Distance: 38 KM  Elevation gain: 280 m  Elevation loss: 2205 m

Day 4: Today we are covered by 4 long and amazing descents recognized by several International riders as some of the best tracks they have ever ridden. Three shuttles and one 30 minute pedal transfer plus a hike a bike will wrap the first half of the week. Tonight we will have dinner at the Transierra Norte´s favorite restaurant and go for a Mezcal tasting.

Distance:  32 KM  Elevation gain: 310 m  Elevation loss: 2680 m

Day 5: With a late start we will head to downtown for breakfast and explore the city during the day. We will visit the Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban and head up to the mountains for sunset and *night ride. We will chill and spend the night in a beautiful cabin, enjoy a bonfire, and a delicious dinner cooked by the local people from the community. 

Distance: 12 KM  Elevation gain: 140 m  Elevation loss: 990 m

Day 6: You will wake up with the sunrise, enjoy a hot chocolate, and shuttle up to the favorite ride of your guides, the last trail of the day will drop right behind your lodging in the local trail network of Oaxaca City. You will have time to relax and get ready for a delicious dinner and celebrate the new year with mezcal.

Distance: 26 KM  Elevation gain: 175 m  Elevation loss: 2200 m

Day 7: With an easy and slow start you will have delicious Mexican brunch and head out on a 20-minute drive for a cultural tour to many different towns. 

Distance: 24 32 KM  Elevation gain: 310 m  Elevation loss: 2680 m

Day 8: It´s a wrap, your guides will make sure you make it on time to catch your flight. We hope we can come to visit your home trails or to host you back in Mexico.

Riding Style


Skills and Fitness Level

See level chart


Group Size

12 people


Dec 26th - Jan 2nd -2021

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