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Skill Levels & Coaching

Coaching Programs

The Transierra Norte staff is highly qualified and certified as PMBI Level 2 (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) to provide coaching services and skills clinics in Oaxaca. Take this opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Oaxaca, ride amazing singletrack and improve your riding. Enjoy the Mexican mountain biking, culture, food and more! 

We organize amazing MTB trips designed for people who want to push themselves and learn new riding skills, ride amazing trails with the help of a coach and live an authentic Mexican experience on and off the bike. 

Level Chart


Someone who has been riding a bike for at least one year, comfortable riding dirt roads and easy green flowy singletrack for more than 1.5 hours 2-4 days in a row. They are looking to improve their basic skills, gain confidence at a moderate pace, and start riding over small obstacles (like small rocks or logs).


A rider with two years or more of mountain biking experience. They have good speed and braking control on blue trails, with gentle trail features such as small rock gardens, little jumps, and roll drops. They understand line choice and sometimes have to get off the bike to get through a technical section. They are comfortable with 3-hour rides for more than four consecutive days. 


A rider with 5+ years or more of experience, who is confident on any terrain. Comfortable riding at high speed, can handle tight corners, steep and loose corners, sends 3+ feet drops, can ride long technical descents without stopping. Rarely walks a section of trail. They ride 3-4 times a week and able to ride daily for seven days in a row. 


They have been riding for more than 8+ years, with some racing experience. They can confidently ride any terrain at high speed, including features like drops and gap jumps. They can handle top to bottom descents and are looking to get as many miles as possible when traveling to a new MTB destination. They have wilderness first aid training and good bike mechanics knowledge. 


Book or request a coaching and riding trip with us and become a better rider in the Mexican trails. 

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Mountain Bike and culture trip in Oaxaca
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