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This Is Oaxaca

Oaxaca or "Huaxyacac" in Nahuatl language, which refers to a regional tree, is one of the 32 states of the Mexican territory, located in the southeast of Mexico. Oaxaca is famous for its vast biodiversity of five different ecosystems, hosting the largest populations of mammals, plants and birds of the country, from the Northern Region all the way down to the Pacific Coast. The region is world-renown for its unique ancient Zapotec and Mixtec cultures, the authentic gastronomy, including a variety of 7 different moles, the historic colonial architecture brought by the Spanish conquest in the XV century, and nowadays as one of the greatest mountain biking destinations.

In the last 15 years, Oaxaca has developed great and high-quality tourism services, hosting many local and worldwide visitors. Oaxaca counts with 3 International airports that connect people to the beautiful beach towns of the Pacific, and to the center of the state, in Oaxaca City. Various hotels, restaurants and travel services suitable for every traveler style and budget are available throughout the region, all boasting with the great hospitality the state of Oaxaca and Mexico are famous for.

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Oaxaca is famous for its culinary history: the pre-hispanic cultures were some of the first ones in the world planting and harvesting what we know now as corn - one of the most important and basic grains in most of the world's diets. Through time, many other grains and fruits in addition to corn were planted. Today, Oaxaca is also famous for its high-end quality coffee grains, handmade Xocolatl (chocolate), a huge array of spices and the famous liquor better known as Mezcal. In addition, one of the best Whiskeys in the world comes from Oaxaca: Sierra Norte Whiskey

Oaxaca also catches the attention of thousands of people because of its large cultural offer. It is a place where festivities and traditions have persisted over time and are still alive to be shared with foreign visitors. Two of the most important and famous ones are the festival of La Guelaguetza, a two-week cultural festival where many concerts, dances, art exhibits, gastronomy nd tastings fairs take place to celebrate the cultural richness of Oaxaca. The second one is a Mexican tradition better known as Día de Los Muertos or "Day of the Dead". Although celebrated all over the country, Oaxaca is one of the best places to experience and celebrate it, with its unique happenings and parades, spread over the first two days in November.

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