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Our Services

In order to provide the most enjoyable experience during your visit to Oaxaca, we work hard to offer you the best mountain bike and concierge services out there. We want you to live an authentic, high-quality experience full of local knowledge. Our staff is professionally trained and certified, and all our equipment is safe and reliable. We are committed to organizing unique mountain bike tours in Oaxaca. 

Mountain Biking Services:

⧐ Group and Private Mountain Bike Tours

⧐Bike Rental

⧐ MTB shuttles

⧐ MTB guides

⧐ MTB Bike Shop

⧐ Skills Clinics and Coaching

⧐ Photographer and Videographer

Travel Services:

⧐ Airport Pick up and Drop off

⧐ Hotel Bookings and Reservations

⧐ Travel Planning Assistance 

⧐ Rental Cars

⧐ Travel and Medical Insurance

⧐ Cultural Guide 

⧐ Concierge Services 

⧐ Banking/ Currency Exchange Services

Add-on Activities:

⧐ Cultural Day Tours

⧐ Cooking Classes

⧐ Chocolate Making Classes

⧐ Mezcal Tours

⧐ Trail Building

⧐ Beach Travel Extension 

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