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Who We Are

We are a fun and passionate MTB group of friends willing to share GOOD TIMES in Oaxaca. We love riding, exploring, traveling, building trails, making new friends, and creating unique experiences for people in order to get a full taste of what Mexico and Oaxaca have to offer in terms of mountain biking and cultural activities.

We like to go out trail building as well as finding new routes to ride and share with our visitors, and to keep developing the singletrack system along the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca.

Mountain Bike Trips Oaxaca

The Transierra Norte team is comprised of a solid group of talented, knowledgeable, local mountain bike riders and cultural lovers. We are fully committed to professional and sustainable practices to provide high-quality adventure services. We work closely with all the mountain communities in the Northern region of the state to help them develop an economy based on outdoor activities. 


It would be our pleasure to host you in Mexico, we will make you feel right at home. Let's ride together!

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