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All of our guides are expert level riders with a lot of experience riding in and out of Mexico. They all are English spoken and are certified with first aid assistance and other national and international guiding and coaching certifications. They are very knowledgable about the areas you will be riding, and also with the culture and history of Oaxaca. 

For this trip, you will have one of the founders of Transierra Norte as a head guide ready to deliver the most fun times on and off the bike. 

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Alvaro, Alvin or Alvie is a spontaneous and charming person who loves discovering the world on his bike. He is been working and guiding in different countries for different companies and organizations. Loves to bring people together organizing MTB events and fun rides also to produce travel projects such as magazine articles and videos.  

Favorite Trail: Ruta de Los Volcanes in the Canaries Islands. 


Arturo is a great All-mountain rider who has been part of the Transierra Norte staff for 4 years. Besides being a great rider he is a paramedic who knows the riding areas and evac routes like the palm of his hand. We call him the ghost rider, he always appears right where and when we need him. 


Favorite Trail: Torre de Piedra in Oaxaca


Diego, born and raised in Oaxaca City, he knows most of the trails in the area including the unridden ones, pioneer of DH and Enduro races in Mexico, he has been riding bikes since he was a kid. He will deliver the best culinary experience and provide all the local insides needed.




Favorite Trail: A lot of corners in Oaxaca