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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I fly into?
    You should fly into into Oaxaca Inernational airport (OAX). Most flights will connect through Mexico City into Oaxaca. Other options are to fly into Oaxaca through Cancun, Houston, Austin, Dallas or Los Angeles.
  • What is the temperature like in Oaxaca?
    Oaxaca is well recognized for its nice warm weather in Oaxaca City. However, when up in the mountains, temperatures can drop to 0 degrees celcius (32 F). Regarless of the time of the year you are visiting, make sure to plan for some colder temparatures too.
  • When is the rainy season in Oaxaca?
    The rainy season in Oaxaca is from July - October. You could get lucky and hit some of the best riding conditions or get wet and muddy rides. Even if you are not coming during rainy season, make sure to come prepared for rainy conditions and pack some rain gear. Who knows!
  • What is the best time to come ride in Oaxaca?
    Oaxaca is a great destination to visit year-round. The city always has some cultural event going on, and the riding is great 365 days of the year!
  • Do I need travel and medical insurance?
    It is highly recommended to get a travel and medical insurance in case something unexpected happens during your trip.
  • Is Oaxaca, Mexico safe?"
    Oaxaca City is a very welcoming and tourist-friendly destination, with amazing Mexican hospitality that will make you feel right at home. It is as safe as can be. The mountains are The autonomous communities who live in the mountains are very safe. Locals lead very simple lifestyles and are always very friendly with visitors.
  • Cash or Credit Card?
    We will recommend to travel with a mix of both cash and credit cars. Most places in Oaxaca City take Credit Cards. But as you venture out of the city cash is recommendedm especially in the smaller towns where we will be riding. There are plenty of ATMs around the city to withdraw cash anytime, which will give you the best exchange rate as well.
  • Cell service and WiFi?
    You will have access to cell service and WiFi mostly everywhere, except in the mountains, where it may be spotty or non-existent. Up in the riding areas the cell signal is pretty weak, but once we get done you will have full cell coverage as well as WiFi access in your hotel, restaurants, etc.
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