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Transierra Norte Club Ride

What to expect?

You are about to immerse yourself in a lifetime Mountain Bike adventure in the southeast of the Mexican Territory. Oaxaca City is located in the region of the Central Valleys located 1500 m above sea level. The city of Oaxaca is well recognized for its amazing hospitality, the colorful streets that surround the XVI century downtown where besides finding great and warm weather you will find many delicious restaurants and bars, museums, galleries, markets, and more.

Mountain Bike Trips Oaxaca I Transierra
Enduro MTB trips in Oaxaca by Transierra

Right behind the city, we have another of the 8 regions of Oaxaca known as the "Sierra Norte", here is where the two-wheeled experience will take you to ride the amazing single track that the Zapotec culture used to connect different mountain ranges to exchange goods and services. These trails start-up at 3000 m over sea level and have a length between 7  and 11 KM with more than 900 m of elevation loss per trail.  Most of the rides are shuttled assisted but be ready to pedal short transfers inside of the forest or why not go for a long pedal 25KM expedition with an amazing descent as a reward. The variety of terrain that the Northern Sierra of Oaxaca has to offer is one of the reasons that make this place unique for mountain biking, start inside of a deep pine tree forest with amazing loamy dirt to then meet up on the same trail with short bushes surrounded by rocky soil. 

Be ready to ride around  25 km of amazing single track and accumulate more than 2500 m off elevation loss every day.  We are always down for the bonus lap for all those who still have some more gas in the tank or get ready for the bar hopping and to receive the New Year with mezcal in hand. Our rides are designed for different riders levels in terms of skills and fitness, we also provide amazing coaching programs and skill clinics for those who want to improve their riding in different terrain. Learn more about these programs and riding levels HERE.

Oaxaca MTB Tours I Transierra Norte THE

Our local knowledge will take you to all the non-touristy and more authentic cultural and culinary spots where you will be able to dive into the Mexican lifestyle and enjoy some of the best dishes and drinks in and out of Oaxaca city.

This experience is designed by the Transierra Norte head team which will be part of the guiding team as well. 

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