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Oaxaca Bike Lodge - Transierra Norte THE HOUSE

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

We have always dreamed about having the perfect Mountain Bike hub in Oaxaca to host riders from all over the world. First, we started with our MTB guided tours and our amazing 5-day race, and now we are happy to introduce you all to the Transierra Norte THE HOUSE.

Is a bike lodge located in the heart of Oaxaca´s downtown, walking distance from restaurants, markets, galleries, bars, and bike shops, the house is fully equipped with everything an MTB rider needs for a great mountain bike escape to Oaxaca Mexico. Come and ride some of the best natural single track riding in Mexico with the Transierra Norte team, discover the backcountry gems that Oaxaca has to offer with plenty of 1000 m drop descents in more than 5 different locations and experience the local culture and traditions that each different area has.

Our worldwide experienced staff will ensure to plan an itinerary that best suits your needs, from gorgeous pedal rides into your final descent to days fully loaded with shuttle runs.


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Trans Sierra Norte
Trans Sierra Norte
Apr 12, 2023

This place is the chillest spot to stay when riding with your buddies!

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