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The Ride - The Experience from start to finish

Ever wondered what Mountain Biking in Mexico is like? We often get people reaching out to ask us: What does a TSN tour look like? For us, it's all about the details, from start to finish, we take pride in making sure every single moment, every meal, and every trail, contributes to the best possible experience, tailored to your own needs.

Starting with a sunny morning at the TranSierra House, a delicious breakfast and coffee will expose you to local flavors, fuelling you up for a good day of riding bikes. After that, our staff will help you load your bike into the van to start the trip. Once on the trails, it's all about enjoying the natural singletrack Oaxaca has to offer.

From flowy, hand-built trials, to tight, long, steep, and chunky descents with up to 1000 meters of vertical drop. There is a lot of variety of trails to choose from. We take you to the trails you want to ride. Our guides not only know the riding areas like the palm of their hand, but they are also competent riders and first responders. Ensuring you have a safe, yet extremely fun day on your bike.

The elevation, soil composition, and quality of trails are not the only highlight of Oaxaca, there are also, tons of gastronomical offerings that will surprise you with both traditional and contemporary flavors. Enjoying some delicious local cuisine and relaxing on the patio is the perfect way to wrap up a day of Mexican Adventure.

Join us on our year-round MTB adventures. Our tailor-made tours to ensure you and your crew sample only the best of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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