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Trail Hunting - Oaxaca

The mountain bike riding in the region of the "Sierra Norte" has grown and become an international hot spot due to its closeness to Oaxaca City, the culture, the food, and the first-class tourism services around. We have been always committed to restore old hiking trails across the mountain range and make them suitable for mountain bikes, we have also built other ones from scratch to help connect other trails or just for the seek of newer fun lines.

During the last 6 months and with the support and help of the local authorities, we started developing a new riding area that is more than promising and we can´t wait to ride it with you. The terrain has so much to offer with great access to the backcountry, unique views, and one of a kind singletrack lines. For now, we can say that we have more than 30km spread on 6 different new trails to ride.

This area is fully connected with other riding areas and gives the opportunity to plan multiple riding plans in Oaxaca. We also discover some local cultural treasures like a home-distilled Mezcaleria with the most delicious local food, made new friends, and the surprise of feeling welcome to ride bikes in this new area.

If you have ridden in Oaxaca is time to think about coming back and see all the trail progress and visit these new riding zones, and if you haven´t been down to this MTB paradise, you should put it right on top of your list. #transierranorteTHERIDE

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